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Working with you to produce high quality, authentic video content

We are 4 dots productions. We provide you or your organisation with high quality, individually tailored and authentic video content that your audience will be able to relate to and trust.

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Reach People

By 2018 video will account for 79% of all search engine traffic.


Video is a highly effective way to engage people & tell your story.


70% of brands say video is the most effective form of content marketing

We are part of Access Dorset, a user-led charitable organisation. Our unique knowledge and insight into peoples lives and experiences, combined with our filmmaking skills, means we are able to make particularly authentic video content for anyone that shares our core values of fairness and integrity.

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Your Voice

Dept for Work & Pensions

We pride ourselves on articulating the voice of “real people” in many of the films we make. The Department for Work & Pensions made good use of this when they commissioned two large filming projects.

Each of these projects involved filming over a period on months, charting the progress of everyday people who were participating in DWP pilot initiatives.

“I welcome Access Dorset’s approach in giving voice to patients experience through their connection with their community and their innovative use of film.” Olivia Butterworth, Head of Public Voice, NHS England

Telling Your Stories

Basingstoke Rugby Club

Following a tough couple of seasons, Basingstoke Rugby Club is turning things around. The club wanted to tell their story and inspire others to join them in their fight back to the top.

The club wanted to show the camaraderie and team spirit that exists at Basingstoke RFC. It was this spirit which inspired them to turn things around.

Video is a great way for you to tell the stories you want to tell. We can help you through every stage of the process, ensuring that it’s your voice that shines through.

In Your Community

Perins School

M3 Technology is a theatre production company who regularly work with the performing arts department at Perins school.

We were recently asked to help them produce a video for the school, showcasing performing arts ahead of an upcoming production.

The school had clear ideas and we helped develop a storyboard, plan shots, and film over over two days in two different locations. You can see the result here.

Video is fantastic for sharing ideas and projects within your community and is a great medium for school projects involving children of all ages.

Because we are a charity, when you work with us you are also supporting us to deliver free support services to our community. These services include our free information and advice service, our virtual Centre for Independent Living, our Citizen Journalism and our Film Making Club.

Want to explore your film idea? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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