Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Final Cut Pro X (10.3)

As you may know, we run a weekly film making club and a few of those attending have invested in computers of their own in order to edit projects using Final Cut Pro X. Most have upgraded to 10.3 and I’ve been asked about the new features and how to take advantage of them.

I have not upgraded to the latest version of Apple’s flagship editing software yet. I am currently working on a couple of projects and wouldn’t update my editing software while I had projects on the go, it’s not a good idea. I also have a lot of plugins and usually leave significant updates until I’m confident all my plugins work well and there are no significant bugs.

With all that said, I have installed the latest version on a spare machine and played around with one project… but I’m not fully up to speed yet.

Aside from the cleaner user interface, it would seem that the improved functionality of roles and audio management is the main feature improvement and is going to make organising large projects much easier. Thats if you take the time to input all the data first!

Also someone who works on projects across more than one machine I am also quite excited about the ability to consolidate custom Motion projects into individual Final Cut Pro libraries. Up until now, I have had to copy from one template folder to another… and back again if I make changes. I’m really looking forward to making use of this new feature.

I’m not able to write much more than that about this update until I’ve had a good chance to use the new version “in anger” so I thought I would post a link to some tutorials from the guys at Ripple Training taking an in-depth look at 10.3 that I’ve found useful and comprehensive. I’ve purchased the in depth look at FCPX 10.3 and these tutorials are really worth getting but Ripple Training also offer a few free taster videos that you may want to watch to give you a flavour and a brief introduction to whats new in FCPX 10.3.

New features FCPX 10.3 by the guys at Ripple Training