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A level of service that fits your needs

Better understand the level of service you require as well as the different types of video we offer.

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Training Films

Video is a fantastic tool to use for training and a perfect way to engage with your trainees. Training films are fantastic resources that can be used over and over again.

Workforce Development

See an example of a workforce development film we made for the 'Better Together' program.


Promo Films

What better way to promote your business, product or service than to use film. A great way to communicate that is easily accessible & can be shared easily online.

Safewise Bournemouth

Safewise is a safety centre in Bournemouth that hires out it's venue. They wanted to promote this with a video.



Interviews are a key part of many of the videos we make. A good interview with the right person can be key to communicating your message effectively to the intended audience.

Better Together

The workforce development film we made for Better together involved interviewing the program leads for the benefit of the staff.



More and more often organisations are using video to evaluate projects and their outcomes, particularly charities who have to report to funders. We are experienced in this.

Journey to Employment

We made a film to evaluate a pilot 'disabled job club' project from the DWP run by our charity, Access Dorset.

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    Document important events and interesting stories

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    Green Screen Filming

    film a piece to camera and choose a background

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    Vox Pops

    Collect and film valuable public opinion.

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    Product Videos

    Market your product with a video. Include demonstrations and how to’s

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    Timelapse Photography

    Add beautiful time lapses to your video.

Whatever your requirements, they will likely come under one of the four categories below. The bespoke nature of the service we offer means we can’t set prices however we can give you a rough guide, as set out below.

Simple Post Production

Projects will have been filmed & require simple edits or additions. Typical examples are: adding subtitles, BSL interpretations and graphics to films. Prices depend on what’s required, film length and customer involvement.

£500 – £1,500

Simple Production

This category may involve some simple pre-production planning, a single day filming in one location and no more than 2 days post production. In this category, customers will often have a good idea of the film they wish to make.

£900 – £2,500

Full Production

Often films that fall into this category will involve more detailed planning and will often involve multiple days filming (up to 4 days) over multiple locations. Post production work may be more detailed and include more extensive use of graphics.

£2,500 – £5,500

Large Project

These are projects that; for example, may involve making a series of short films, video evaluations of large projects over a long period of time or more complex ‘Full Production’ projects that require more manpower and detailed planning time.

£5,000 +

Because we are a charity, when you work with us you will know that you are also supporting us to deliver free support services to our community. These services include our free information and advice service, our virtual Centre for Independent Living, our Citizen Journalism and our Film Making Club.

If you are interested in using our film making service then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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